Airsoft Systems 87rd M4 magasin GEN.2 (sort)

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Super lækkert og yderst stabilt magasin fra Airsoft Systems. BEMÆRK! Generation 2!!

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M4 magasin

  • Mid-cap 87 skuds
  • Ny og opdateret udgave, hvor magasinerne både ude og inde er blevet KRAFTIGT opdateret!

De beskriver selv de nye magasiner således:
“Our all new polymer magazine, completely redesigned from the outside and improved from the inside.
It will fit and feed in 99% of the existing M4/M16/AR15 AEG rand HPA replicas, and with minor mods will fit the reining 1% like the 416 models.
The external design is focused in ergonomics and a secure grip under the most harsh conditions.
The magazine is build to be extremely strong and to keep feeding even after the most inappropriate abuse.
We have chosen the 87 BBs option as this provides us with internal construction with the least possible frictional restrictions.
The AMAG has been tested in extremely fast rate of firing guns. It kept feeding flawlessly the heavy 0.43 Bbs at 50 rounds per second!
While focused in making the strogest and most reliable airsoft magazine in existence, we were also focused into making it very cost-effective and attractive.”


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